ADA Signs

Created in 1990 due to Americans with Disabilities Act, the Federal Government required all public spaces have tactile/Braille signage identifying each room.

Deciding which material is right for your needs depends on budget, environment and design restrictions. Price is not the predominant factor, however. Quality and performance are becoming larger priorities. The material used is as important as the message because if the material fails, then the message is lost. Graphics 22 has a variety of standard and custom ADA sign options.

Acrylic ADA Signs : 100% ADA compliant signs which come in a wide variety of color combinations. Acrylic signs are durable with flexible design options.

Photopolymer Signs : Graphics 22's photopolymer signs are made from photosensitive material that creates the raised artwork and text and then is painted, creating a one-piece ADA sign.

Sandblasted Signs : Rugged sandblasted melamine signs are made with a tough brown phenolic core which is painted a contrasting color after artwork and text has been engraved onto the surface.

Contact a qualified customer service representative at Graphics 22 now to discuss the design and development of your ADA signage needs. Or take advantage of '24-Hour Ordering' via our online ordering services.

" This is by far the best signage submittal I have received , It was easy to follow, organized, and complete"

Barry Beatty
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